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15 Hottest Black Hair with Highlights Trending in 2019

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Balayage Grey HighlightsStraight black hair with highlights that are pinkBurgundy Highlights

In order not to damage the hair structure and finally get the desired light shade, you need to lighten the hair gradually, over and over again dyeing them three shades lighter.If the hair has already been painted with resistant hair dye, you can do a “wash” or lighten, but you must remember that this procedure significantly affects the quality of the hair.Coloring on fair hair is best done according to the same principle. If you want to get a rich deep shade, then dyeing is recommended as follows: light brown hair is first dyed in a copper shade, and after that in a brown one.

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Brown HighlightsDark Hair with Rose Gold Highlights

Fashionable last year ombre (ambre) does not give up its position and still remains a popular and sought-after type of hair coloring. This season, he was replaced by a new technique called “babyite”.It is quite similar to ombre and consists in lightly lightening the ends of the hair, but unlike ombre, the border of shades is not so clear. This is something between ombre and highlighting. The result of coloring should be the effect of “children’s” hair with delicate and sunny strands.

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Long Hair with White HighlightsBalayage Silver Highlights

One of the fashionable novelties in the field of coloring in 2019 can be called a balayazh for dark hair. This is a very beautiful coloring, which looks especially stylish on curly hair.Pixel Staining.This technique of hair coloring, developed by Spanish masters, has become simply the best seller of this season. An unusual and bright novelty of hair coloring will appeal to courageous girls who love everything new and creative. But this type of staining has one small feature that needs to be considered. Unusual geometric patterns can only be done on straight smooth hair.

Straight Black with Pink HighlightsBalayage Platinum Highlights

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Fashionable wine and eggplant
Truly fashionable this season called a shade called “Marsala”. It looks like the noble color of red wine. It can be used as basic, as well as complementary to many chocolate and chestnut tones.Especially beautiful looks the option of combining the shade of “Marsala” with a purple spectrum. As a result of hair coloring, a deep shade is obtained that resembles a rich wine from ripe plums.Another trend of the season 2019. Coloring hair in a deep and dense color merlot with subtle notes of ripe cherry and cocoa. This beautiful color is located at the border of purple and red, so if you wish, you can adjust and change it so that it fits any skintone.Pink gold.This is a rare and complex shade that only professionals can achieve. Pink is great for girls with blond hair. Coloring on dark hair in this shade will require prior lightening.

Shoulder Length Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

At the same time, staining can be done not only from the roots, but also from a certain level or even at the tips.As for the shade, most often the masters recommend choosing a color that is several tones lighter than your natural.Coloring autumn 2019: a selection of ideas in the photo.In the fall season, quite a few shades for hair coloring will be in fashion. This is great news for modern fashionistas. After all, you can continue to experiment not only with the style of clothing, but also with hair. This is a great way to see yourself in a new, unusual way.

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