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13 Gorgeous Examples of Blonde Curly Hair for 2020

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Short Blonde Curly Hair

It seems to many that curls are a priori thick and strong. However, upon a detailed examination of the structure, it turns out that their flakes actually clump and are loosely located relative to each other. Such follicles are weak and do not secrete a large amount of natural oils, and therefore they bend and become wavy. On the one hand, this allows the hair to be visibly more voluminous, and on the other hand, makes hair prone to dryness and brittleness.Amazing Blonde BalayageDirty Blonde Hair

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The mechanical effect, including the color change, is a lot of stress for curly hair. Any persistent staining works according to one type – this is the penetration of the pigment through the cuticle flakes into the cortex layer with a partial destruction of the disulfide bonds, which are responsible for the shape of the curl, so it often happens that after painting the curls straighten and become even drier.Blonde Kinky HairStrawberry Blonde Curled HairPlatinum Blonde HairCute Naturally Curly Blonde

Curly hair is naturally textural, so even a single color dyeing on them looks interesting and bright. This color change is well suited for short and medium haircuts, and owners of long curly curls, if they dye their hair in one color, then most often in dark shades.

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If in dyeing in two colors on curly hair, the shades can be arranged arbitrarily, then in the ombre technique – only horizontally. At the same time, two colors are mixed – dark and light, which gently flow one into the other.

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