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17 Amazing Examples of Green Hair (2020 Trends)

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If you have already experimented and really fell in love with green hair, then your choice is a persistent dye. Before such coloring, you will need to lighten your hair very much.Make sure that both you and your strands are ready for this. To restore hair after the procedure , use a hair mask instead of conditioner-after each wash. For example, the dove Intensive recovery balm mask is suitable for this purpose . The mask should be kept on the hair for only 1 minute. Thanks to Keratin Repair technology , the mask helps to restore the hair structure from the inside

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Bright GreenEmerald GreenLime GreenAsh GreenOlive Green Hair Color

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The most effective, but also the least sparing method is decapping, that is, removing the color using cosmetics. Depending on the time of exposure and the composition of decapitating emulsions, the hair either discolors or acquires its original shade.
An unwanted shade will help remove the tomato juice. It contains a large amount of acid, so it effectively removes paint. Natural tomato juice is applied along the entire length of the hair and kept for 30-40 minutes. Then the juice is washed off with a moisturizing balm. The “Soft care” conditioner from Timotei is ideal. It does not contain silicones, dyes and parabens and gently moisturizes the hair along the entire length.
Attention: remember that the effect of natural ingredients is not always predictable, so it is best to always do an Allergy test and / or consult a professional hairdresser.

Lemon juice will help lighten the color that is too bright. To do this, it is mixed with water in a ratio of 1 to 2 and applied to the hair for 30 minutes. If desired, the concentration of lemon juice can be increased.
If you want to wash off the color gradually, taking care of your hair, natural oils are the perfect solution. Hair oil “Burdock” brand “Clean Line” will gradually help the unwanted color to turn pale, as well as strengthen the roots and moisturize tired of paint strands. A similar effect will give and warmed coconut oil.Fair- haired girls , as well as ashy blondes , will suit cold shades of green : for example, mint, bluish-green, sea- green, smoky dark green.Bright saturated colors will adorn dark-haired girls , especially if you make an Ombre or color highlighting.Blue and Green BalayageNeon GreenBlack and Green OmbrePink and Green Hair ColorForest GreenIf you are planning to make a color or rainbow coloring, remember that green is perfectly combined with turquoise, purple, gray and pink.

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