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These 15 Hair Color Ideas Are Trending in 2020

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Changing the image implies not only a new wardrobe or haircut. A profitable solution may be fashionable hair coloring. Fortunately, the abundance of shades and colors allows everyone to choose the perfect winning option for themselves. To not have to look for a long time, we have collected the most fashionable ideas for hair coloring 2020 in our article.
Rainbow Pastel LookAshy Blonde HighlightsAqua Mystery

At the peak of relevance, the chestnut staining technique, in which the color is diluted with light strands. Stylists explain that in this way you can quickly refresh your hair and get a new shade. A similar option for coloring was chosen by Beyoncé, Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and many other celebrities.

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Rose Gold

The name of such coloring of the colorist Carissa Shaudt from Chicago was inspired by the golden shades of the sky at sunset. Its essence lies in the use of two or three colors of a similar tonality, creating the effect of versatility on the hair. By the way, this shade is loved by Selena Gomez and Jennifer Garner.Muted MermaidModern Galactic BobSunshine & Rainbows

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Warm honey color, combining wheat-brown and copper shade, has long been fond of fashionable beauties. It looks very natural and natural, so it is ideal for light-eyed girls. Such dyeing is perfect not only for long hair, but for short and medium lengths.By the way, among Hollywood beauties, a fan of honey color is the star of the series “Good Girls” Christina Hendricks. Also earlier, Blake Lively, Bella Thorne, Catherine McNamara and many other actresses flaunted in a similar shade.

Bold Statement PieceGrunge GlamorBold Blue Tones

In 2020, stylists especially glorify the rich and shiny black hair color, which is especially loved by Dua Lipa and the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Of course, dark shades are most often associated with the autumn-winter period, however, with shining black coloring you will be in trend even in springtime. You can also play with the color by adding bright strands to it.Gigi Hadid’s favorite hair color combines delicate chestnut and coffee colors, through which soft, natural-looking highlights of lighter shades are visible.

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Light CopperVibrant Green

Today, the neon colors of green, red, pink and orange are very popular. The main trendsetter of youth, Billy Islish, loves experimenting with such staining. For example, today its roots are painted in a bright green palette.By the way, classic blue was chosen as the color of the year for the Pantone version. So the bravest can choose this color and experiment.

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