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13Hottest Red Hair with Blonde Highlights for 2019

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Fire Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Red and copper shades bother pretty soon after staining. I want to go in thoughtful clothes  a blonde or a brunette. In any case, if you are painted in red, you will have to wash off the color.If you want to wash hair dye as much as possible at home, try regular oil masks. For example, with “Burdock oil 5 in 1” of the “Clean Line” brand, which also gives the strands shine, softness and strength along the entire length.And then see for yourself what color to paint. The golden blond, closest to the red shades, suits girls with a spring color type. Cold ash tones of the blonde, perhaps, will be in the face of the girl, “winter”, and then it is not surprising that the red color did not suit you. Find out what hair colors are suitable for you by color type, learn from this article.

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Before you leave the redhead in the blond of your dreams, you need to lighten the strands to the desired level of tone. As for how to do this as efficiently as possible and not “kill” the hair, we have 3 tips.

  1. Do not improvise. Go to lighten your hair in the salon or clearly follow the instructions on the lightening agent that you purchased. Ask for help from someone you know, even if not a professional.
  2. Try lightening with the least aggressive oxidizing agent possible. It is better to act in several stages. If the found clarification method worked, write down the names of the products, the exposure time and the procedure in order to return to it in the future.
  3. Lightening always injures hair to one degree or another, so try to restore it during the procedure and after. During staining, you can use restoration ampoules, and after that – strengthen the strands with masks.Mahogany Hair with Blonde Highlights
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Speaking about how to switch from red to blond, one can not help but mention the equalization of the shade from the roots to the ends. If you have the original copper hair color, it is probably heterogeneous and “tired” along the entire length. Therefore, when lightening, consider the difference between dark roots and lighter ends. It may be worth trimming the split ends of the hair so as not to even injure them with bleaching.So, the good part of the path called “how to change from red to blond” has been completed. The strands are evenly bleached over the entire length, and now they need to be filled with pigment.

Platinum Blonde HighlightsAsh Blonde Highlights

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