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15 Greatest Red Violet Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2020

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17 Greatest Red Violet Hair Color Ideas Trending in 2020Aubergine Balayage

Fashionable red hair color has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a closer look so that you can make an informed decision about a radical change in image.

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Pluses of red color:

with the help of red hair color you can create a unique and fashionable image;
red color fits easily on any hair and blends perfectly with any haircut;
for temporary staining in dark red, brunettes do not need to pre-lighten hair;
large selection of shades. red color suits both young girls and mature women.

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Burgundy and Violet Balayage

Cons of red color:

it is difficult to maintain the saturation of the red color, it is necessary to regularly update the shade, the red pigment is quickly washed out;
bright red hair can emphasize the redness and imperfections of the face;
red color attracts too much attention, can be perceived by others aggressively;
red color requires a more elegant wardrobe, otherwise you risk looking cheap and tasteless.

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Vibrant Red Violet HairDark Violet to Rose Gold OmbreRed Violet on Medium Length Hair

How to choose your own shade of red
There can be a lot of shades of red (from pink tones to dark red and black-red), and coloring options depend only on your imagination and professionalism of the master. To whom the red color of the hair goes, and to whom – not, what shades to choose – we understand together.

Red color can be selected regardless of age. The main criteria are skin color, its condition and eye color.

Red shades are very suitable for women of the autumn and winter color types; they are in perfect harmony with freckles and tans. Dark-skinned skin is effectively emphasized by all bright red shades, although all dark options are also perfect.

For girls with fair skin, the choice of pigments is much wider: from light red and more faded to raspberry and bright fiery.Red Violet on Long Hair

As for eye color, it is worth noting that any options are possible. Green eyes combined with red hair will create a mystical look.

A girl with gray-green eyes can also become a mysterious witch, because the red pigment is able to add saturation to the eyes.

Blue eyes in combination with fair skin and red mane of hair also look very attractive. And owners of brown and honey eyes can safely try on all shades: from orange to red-chestnut.

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